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Our Values

Being human is our core value, this is who we are. To support being an ambitious and creative company, we strive to put our human values in the centre.

Making videos encompass a great deal of creativity, they are shot and viewed by people, we therefore put human communication as the most essential part of our DNA.

We are always ambitious in our work, which ensure our customers a high-quality product. Obviously, creativity is an important part of our work. But without a LEAN and well-defined process behind the creative workflow, it is difficult to repeatedly deliver quality products and a hundred percent customer satisfaction.

We can also turn the creativity dial if it makes sense for your project, sometimes you have to make it bolder and greater to get the message received be as many people as possible.

Video communication is a form of communication that offers lots of new possibilities and platforms to both clients and employees.

Corporate communication through video is a visual quality marker that emphasises your messages both internally as well as external.


2018, Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg prime minister is opening the Danish Christmas Bazar in Limpersberg, Luxembourg city

What does it cost?

It is one of the first questions that arise when you have to start a video production. Michael Engbork Filmmaking offers highly professional expertise, for almost any reasonable budget. A video is a unique and individually adapted product. A large number of factors affects the time consumption, and thus the price. We have an open and transparent pricing policy. The customer can choose from a few standard packages, if that doesn’t fit, we will find a solution that matches your financial framework

What will you get?

Below you can view a few examples of what we do


Dir wëllt gewielt ginn

Dir sidd garantéiert déi bekannten an allgemeng Methoden wéi Wahlplakater a Reklammen a gedréckte Medien wéi Zeitungen, Zäitschrëften asw.

Op dëser Säit kënnt Dir e bësse méi iwwer déi vill aner Optiounen gewuer ginn fir d’Messagen an Ären Numm un de Wieler erauszekréien

Den Haaptaccent hei ass Marketing mat Sound a Video op sozialen Medien an aner relevante Medien

Wéi kënne mir hëllefen

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