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I am is a senior lateral leader with experience ranging from program management, CRM, process re-engineering, lean and  LEAN six sigma, I have been active in the financial, IT, software and consultancy industry as well as the automation business.

As an entrepreneurial IT manager with over 20 years in IT and with substantial international experience obtained from working in the US, Europe and China, I have proven expertise in corporate and IT operations & strategy, applications control, security, global project roles and corporate change implementation.

I am noted as an adaptive, creative, solutions-oriented, customer-focused and collaborative leader. Experienced in client and vendor management, team building and coaching. I have proven to quickly adapt to changing environments and assimilate and integrate new information into overall plan.

On a more personal level, I am interested in improving my country of residence and is therefore member of a local political party, the CSV, where I was president of the section which is working on integration issues. I am also president of the integration committee in the town of Mersch where I have been promoting integration of foreign citizens since 2011

I am a strong believer that people’s tax money should be spent wisely by the government. This is why this site will contain blog entries that might challenge decisions made by any sitting cabinet including the CSV

    My current rants

    I would like to point you towards my blog. Here I will write about topics that excites me, things that makes my heart beat faster and also topics that makes me angry or concerned. My blog is not always politically correct, but if it was, what’s the point?

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